She established Pop Up City, a temporary use initiative for

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Adjustable speed drives (ASDs) have been extensively used in industrial applications over the past few decades because of their benefits of energy saving and control flexibilities. However, the wider penetration of ASD systems into industrial applications is hindered by the lack of health monitoring and fault tolerant operation techniques, especially in safety critical applications. In this dissertation, a comprehensive portfolio of health condition monitoring and fault tolerant operation strategies is developed and implemented for multilevel neutral point clamped (NPC) power converters in ASDs.

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(See below for a special Sunday night dinner and viewing party at L Taylor Swift Birthday on Wednesday! Love her or hate her, you can thank her for inspiring some killer birthday cocktails at Bassett Street Brunch Club. There a drink for every type of Swiftie. If you sweet and innocent like country Taylor Swift, you love the bubbly poured over sweet cotton candy.

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While the United States remains the world’s foremost military power, it is over extended and depleted by long wars in the Middle East and South East Asia. Its nuclear missile forces are old to the point of obsolescence, requiring massive capital investment and modernisation. Its air force, crucial to global power projection, is comprised of ageing airframes at historically low levels of combat readiness.

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Punitively, often. The standard rate always used to be one per cent of the first class fare for each kilogram of weight. An extra 10kg from London to New York could cost an additional 500. The duffel bag, sometimes called a duffle bag, gym bag, or kit bag, traces its roots back to a town in Belgium with the same name: Duffel. It was in the town of Duffel that the thick fabric most closely associated with early duffel bag models originated. These early types of duffel bags were usually “army green” in color, of a cylindrical shape, and closed through a drawstring system at the top.

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