He said the passenger list included 50 French

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Excluding the buyouts, the total book of business would have dropped by 3.8 percent in May. Including them, the company total mortgage portfolio decreased at a 2.7 percent annualized rate in May to $3.251 trillion. The repurchased loans are at least 120 days late.

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Felcity Havens, So., Ashley girls basketball: Havens has been a key part of the Screaming Eagles offense this season. Friday night game was a prime example as Havens poured in 29 points. In the girls game, Laney coach Sherri Tynes was impressed with her players.

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May not wear the same uniform, but we are a team. When we all work together, there is nothing we cannot do. At this time in our country, all agencies, we all working together, communicating, and this is what happens when we all work together and we all on the same page, he said.

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For VHS tapes where old home videos are often kept, the tape should also be rinsed several times in spring water. For the final rinse, Pine suggests switching to distilled water. Then leave the tape to air dry and run it through a transcribing machine to copy the data.

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Our bus lights are flashing, people are supposed to stop. I don know if they are just in a hurry or don know the law, but going around the bus certainly puts kids at risk. The more space any driver can put between themselves and a school bus will help keep everyone safer..

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